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Free Friday: Today’s top free Amazon sci-fi and fantasy books for Jan. 20, 2023

We read the first few chapters of each of the top ten free fantasy and sci-fi books on Amazon. Today’s list includes a genetically modified former soldier, a high schooler with illegal magic, a swashbuckling treasure hunter, and a solar flare that turns deadly. source

Tiger and Del Return in Jennifer Roberson’s Sword-Bearer

Sword-Bearer is the eighth novel in the Sword Dancer series by Jennifer Roberson. After reading it, I feel compelled to pick up the first Sword Dancer novel and get reading. Because it’s so late in the series, the premise is pretty complex. Tiger was the most powerful acolyte from a Sword Dancer order in the … Tiger and Del Return in Jennifer Roberson’s Sword-Bearer Read More » source

Honor of a Nomad Mage

Author’s note: This short story is part of my quest to craft excellent fantasy fiction inspired by late antiquity Arabia. I think that writing and completing a story is a great way to improve my skills and find myself as a writer. Privately, I am exploring numerous other story concepts as well as an epic fantasy. They all take place in a world similar to the one explored in the story below. You can learn more by joining my newsletter.… Read More »Honor of a Nomad Mage